5 things to prepare for before touring British Columbia

After living close to home for the past year, we’re all excited about a trip to explore beautiful British Columbia. However, travel is high this summer. In addition, some localities are coping with emergencies and evacuations due to wildfires, so it’s extra important to prepare for your trip and consider your destination.

For friends and families planning a visit to British Columbia, here are five things to prepare for before touring BC:

  • Prepare your vehicle for a road trip

Make sure to schedule an appointment with any automotive expert you can find nearby if your car has been sitting for a while or just needs some love. If traveling with an RV or recreational trailer, check your vehicle’s maintenance schedule before hitting the road.

If you are skeptical about your vehicle, you can hire a car or an RV vehicle for your trip.

  • Make sure you plan your route and call in advance.

You should contact the business(es) that you plan to visit. It is a good idea to call in advance and confirm the operating hours of restaurants and attractions. Make sure you are aware of the latest guidelines.

Be prepared to have a backup plan just in case you cannot complete your first choice. As is customary during travel, you may find that activities take longer than normal or that places are full when you arrive in BC.

  • Be prepared for emergencies by packing smart.

You should keep an extra set of keys nearby when you are not in your car. Also, bring plenty of water, a charger for your phone, and a backup battery pack, as these items will be crucial in case of mechanical failure.

You should also keep a roadside emergency kit in the vehicle, including a first aid kit, warm clothing and blankets, a flashlight, windshield fluid, reflective vests, and a portable battery charger.

  • Treat others with respect.

Please be respectful when you visit the businesses, people, and communities this summer. The meaning of responsible tourism is that the experience benefits everyone involved-including the residents and visitors alike. New protocols and policies will likely be instituted in communities to ensure everyone’s safety. Respect the guidelines they have implemented.

  • Research whatever outdoor activity you plan on engaging in

This is part of being adventure-smart. It ensures you don’t make a mistake or attempt to do the wrong thing while touring.

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