A Tourist in British Columbia

British Columbia is a stunningly beautiful Canadian province with a huge tourist draw. A unique, one-of-a-kind place, British Columbia has experiences to offer a traveler that they cannot find anywhere else. For example, the bear population in British Columbia exceeds that of anywhere else in North America and makes for excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. British Columbia is also home to more fresh water than anywhere else in North America, making it an ideal place to bring kayaks or white water rafts. Anyone who vacations in British Columbia will remember it for a lifetime.

The main reason people visit British Columbia is for its natural beauty. The scenery of British Columbia is breathtaking, offering sites and experiences that one cannot have anywhere else. The mountain ranges of British Columbia are high, jagged and snow capped. There are a number of record setting tall mountains in British Columbia that are popular targets for mountain climbers. Similarly, hikers have a huge range of options for hiking opportunities through British Columbia’s peaks and valleys. For those who prefer water sports, British Columbia has an abundance of flowing and standing water which creates recreation for kayakers, canoers, white water rafters, boaters and jet skiers. Those who are passionate about winter sports will find excellent ski hills and Nordic trails within British Columbia. Wildlife viewing is also a popular activity, as British Columbia is home to bear, deer, elk, caribou, wolves, cougars, lynx, coyotes and a number of other species.

However, just because a large majority of British Columbia is rugged wilderness does not mean that the province is void of urban living. Large cities, such as Vancouver and Kelowna, are known for their vibrant social, cultural and economic atmospheres. Vancouver is the metropolis of Western Canada, offering world class shopping, dining, overnight accommodations and entertainment. With all the features of a major city, Vancouver is routinely voted one of the most livable cities in Canada. Kelowna is east of Vancouver past a mountain range. Kelowna is the biggest city in the Okanagan Valley and one of the biggest in the interior and is the wealthiest city per capita in British Columbia. It is a popular tourist and retirement destination. Medical tourism is another common draw to the area, bringing in travelers from around the world for advice from specialists, BC drug rehabilitation and quality Canadian surgeons.

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