Essential things to know when touring British Columbia

British Columbia is the point where the Canadian mountains and the Pacific Ocean meet. The results of this creates an opportunity for adventure and touring. If you want to come on a vacation to anywhere in the world, one of the places to consider is British Columbia.

Below are some things you need to know when touring British Columbia


The economy in British Columbia is quite diverse. The service producing industries in British Columbia are responsible for the largest chunk of the province’s Gross Domestic Product. The land in British Columbia supports arable crops, so the province is generally rich in Agriculture.

The largest city in British Columbia is Vancouver, and it is home to several western-located natural resource organizations. Worthy of mention is the strong housing market and a capital income above the national average.

Outdoor Life

British Columbia has mountains, rivers, lakes and forests. If you love hiking, camping and mountaineering, you will enjoy your stay in British Columbia. More so, there is motorized and non-motorized water sports that you can enjoy in any place in British Columbia.

If you happen to visit British Columbia in winter, you can take a hike to any of the frosted waterfall. You can also see Victoria Lights or journey on a winter road trip.

The Wild

British Columbia is also home to some animals you might have not seen before. There is wild life in the land and if you are not prepared, you might be taken by surprise. However with the aid of a tour guide, you are good to go.

It is crucial to mention that you cannot completely tour British Columbia in a day. Hence, if you are coming over and you’re enthusiastic to get started and finish up in a day or two, it’s not possible. To get the best experience in British Columbia, it is best to get the services of a tour guide or escort.

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