Tips for British Columbia Travelers

British Columbia, the most Western province of Canada, has an incredible draw to tourists and travelers. As one of the most rugged and naturally dramatic provinces in Canada, British Columbia attracts outdoor enthusiasts of every variety, from kayakers to hikers to skydivers. The scenic beauty, opportunities for adventure and laid back charm of British Columbia bring people back again and again to experience all that it has to offer. Below are some travel tips for those planning to vacation in British Columbia to help optimize their experience.

  • British Columbia vacations are largely about natural wonders and appeal to outdoor enthusiasts far more than city people. British Columbia has its share of large cities and night life as well, but the primary vacation landmarks in British Columbia are its mountains, waterfalls and ocean side. A vacation in British Columbia will be most rewarding to mountain climbers, hikers, mountain bikers, surfers, kayakers, white water rafters, fishermen and other outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Because British Columbia is such a vast region, it is more logical to tour it in several trips rather than just one. The two main sections of British Columbia that one can take in are its interior and its exterior. The interior of British Columbia is mountainous and rugged, ranging from the dry, sparse environment of the Okanagan Valley to the dense pine forest of the Stikine region and Northern Rockies. The exterior is oceanic and has rainy, moist environmental conditions. Both offer immense beauty, breath taking views and numerous opportunities for adventure.
  • When exploring British Columbia, it is very important to consider safety and travel prepared. The land is very wild and untamed through much of the region and can prove very dangerous to those who are unprepared. British Columbia contains the most dense bear population of anywhere in North America, as well as substantial populations of wolves and mountain lions. Never go into the wilderness without wild animal pepper spray. The wilderness areas of British Columbia are vast, and it does not take much to become lost or disoriented within them. Weather can change quickly in mountainous areas, so explore the wilderness equipped with all basic survival essentials, such as water, clothing layers, a compass, food and a fire starter.

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