Traveling the British Columbia Coast

The coastline of British Columbia is a spectacular thing to behold. British Columbia makes up the entire Western coastline of Canada, and its scenery is dramatic and diverse. There is a great deal of camping and adventuring that a person can take in, as well as plenty of relaxation and downtime. Anyone who travels the coast of British Columbia would not be disappointed by all that it has to offer.

The most well known area of the British Columbia coastline is the southernmost section of it where the city of Vancouver and Vancouver Island touch the same waterway. Vancouver is one of Canada’s largest cities and is a cultural and economical mecca. Located on the mainland, the Greater Vancouver area is a sprawling urban center that is comprised of several city jurisdictions. It is one of the most populated areas in Canada, and offers the culture, nightlife and entertainment of a large city while still being situated on a stunningly beautiful waterfront. There are many who are incredibly loyal to everything this city has to offer and have something of a Vancouver addiction.

Vancouver Island is a large island located directly across from the city of Vancouver, separated from it by several straits. It is, in fact, the largest island in the Pacific Ocean east of New Zealand. There are many well known regions of Vancouver Island, including the beauty of its largest city, Victoria, as well as the expansive beaches of Tofino and Nanaimo. Vancouver Island is home to the largest surfer presence in Canada, offering some of the larger waves and beaches within the country. On the whole, Vancouver Island is one of the most popular vacation destinations within Canada. Vancouver Island is also home to Della Falls, the tallest waterfall in Canada.

The rest of the British Columbia coast stretches north to Alaska in a complicated network of inlets, cities, waterways and ports. Because the coastline above Vancouver is rocky and divided unevenly between land and water, there is not a coastal highway that goes up the length of it like there is on the Pacific coast of the United States. There are limited areas where one can access the coastal towns and sites. Much of the British Columbia coast is qualified as temperate rain forest and receives rain or snow through much of the year.

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