Traveling the British Columbia Interior

The interior of British Columbia is a very diverse and dramatic region to explore. The interior stretches all the way from the United States border up to the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Alaska. It is almost entirely wooded with pine forest and contains some of the most dramatic mountain scenery in North America. The interior of British Columbia is home to more bears than anywhere else in North America, as well as large numbers of wolves, mountain lions and other indigenous species. If you are traveling through the interior, you are in for a treat. The interior of British Columbia offers as beautiful a mountainous environment as anywhere else in North America and offers incredible adventure opportunities to outdoor enthusiasts. Some of the activities you can enjoy in the interior are:

  • Camping. The British Columbia interior contains a number of national, provincial, private and free campgrounds for those who want to stay overnight in the great outdoors. Come prepared to rough it as a majority of the campgrounds in British Columbia are remote and located within vast wilderness areas. Nowhere else can you discover as pristine a camping experience as within the British Columbia interior.
  • Hiking. As one of the most basic and well enjoyed outdoor traditions, hiking opportunities can be found in abundance in the British Columbia interior. There are more mountains, rivers, waterfalls and meadows in the British Columbia interior than can be counted, and they are accompanied by just as many trails to accommodate hikers.
  • Mountain climbing. Within the British Columbia interior, there are world class climbing mountains that professional mountain climbers have been using for years to train for mountain climbs such as Mt. Rainier and Denali. They provide excellent opportunities for challenging mountain climbing experiences.
  • Kayaking and Canoeing. Because British Columbia is the province with the most fresh water, there are endless water sport opportunities for kayakers, canoers and white water rafters. Cross a placid lake, explore any number of channels or get your adrenaline pumping on some white water rapids.
  • Mountain Biking. Lastly, mountain biking is a well loved activity in the interior of British Columbia. There are endless opportunities for mountain biking within the trail systems of the interior.

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